About Us

The human body is a well-oiled machine made up of billions of individual cells. And the health of each part of that machine affects all of the others parts. To achieve optimal wellness, you must take care of your mind & body, inside and out!

That’s why our goal at BeeFIT is to help you delve deep into a multifaceted approach to fitness. All-inclusive care is woven into our company DNA — a concept our trainers personally practice and promote.

Simply put, we have you covered with the best science-backed, up to date, FUN FITNESS classes to help your body function in complete harmony on a daily basis.  Alongside conducting challenging workouts for intermediate-advanced levels, we are very much a teaching program. If you’ve never exercised before;  pumped iron, battled ropes, or kick boxed, our trainers are here to TEACH you!

BeeFIT is a licensed and certified Fitness Group who will help you with following through, physically & nutritionally. All of our certified trainers are moms. Don’t let the word “moms” fool you, they are all pretty tough at what they deliver.

We welcome BEGINNER * INTERMEDIATE * and challenge the MOST ADVANCED Fitness Contenders. If you don’t like our style of training, you don’t pay a dime!

Many individuals struggle with exercising on their own. Whether you’re a “Home Body”-(workout at home), “Gym Supporter” – (Pay high monthly fees for unused Gym Membership), or just keep putting it off until tomorrow, the “WILL” to exercise requires a lot of self motivation. To be successful with any exercise regimen it requires you to MAKE IT! Motivation – Accountability – Knowledge – Experience – Initiative – Time!

Improve VO2 Max, Increase Muscle Mass, Improve Stamina, and Increase Metabolic Rate. You have the choice to partake in one, two, or three workouts a week. After a few weeks, you will notice Increased Energy, Physical Muscle Mass, and your clothes fitting a little large. Coupled with Fitness, we also provide Nutritional assistance helping families learn more about proper eating habits, blood panels, supplementation  – WHOLE BODY HEALTH!  BeeFIT “Get-FIT” group classes can really help you make THE difference in just weeks.

Our Adult Classes consists of mostly women aging from 21 to 68, All Fitness Levels. We pride ourselves for introducing so many new friendships in our classes. Our clients grow to care about one another and make each other accountable for making it to every workout.  Your typical gym membership with 24hr access, management isn’t looking for you to visit. Actually, a large percentage of gym members are expected to NOT utilize their membership. With BeeFIT programs, it’s “a-la-cart”. You pay for the type of training you are looking for and YOU GET every workout with a certified trainer!! It’s like having your very own personal training session. Put your weekly workout on YOUR weekly schedule and just show up . . . WE DO THE REST!!

Best of all, we offer convenience!! We bring the gym to you and leave very little room for excuses. Few people want to fight the large crowds during evening times in gyms. Take your workout clothes with you to work, and stop by on your way home for that awesome 1-hr workout with your BeeFIT friends.  It’s a perfect way to end your day:)



Monica Howell; CPT

BeeFIT is more than Health & Fitness; it is family!  I began with Monica in 2010 in a "Biggest Loser" program. Under her challenging, yet loving guidance, many of us accomplished things we never thought we could - she is definitely no joke!  After 2-yrs, a personal tragedy occurred and the support I received in class and from my trainer was the strength that got me through those rough times. Monica encouraged me, cried with me and helped me find my way by encouraging me to not giving up on myself. While taking some time off, she never let me go. I was always under her watchful eye. I’m back for 2015, and I feel better than ever!!  It is amazing how much I missed it! Going to class is not always easy, but once you are there everyone is happy to see you and shares in your "pain"!  Ha Ha!  You are never judged - just loved!!  As I said before; it's a family and I am so happy to be back home!     
With Sincere Gratitude, Tracy V. ~ King William County