HIIT-TABATA CARDIO sets, as well as strength challenging sets! It’s a FULL BODY Workout while engaging your “CORE” muscles the entire time.

Resistance & Weight training.

Muscle Confusion is a mix of Interval training segments (HIIT-TABATA-Circuits). We use a variety of functional movements combined into a very well-planned program of fun, challenging and intense workouts to achieve remarkable gains in fitness. Every class we deliver a different W.O.D., therefore eliminating any “plateau effect” that can take place by performing the same workouts. During these training sessions, you may perform strength challenging sets (mental & physical), using a variety of exercise equipment as well as a partner. It’s a FULL BODY Workout while engaging your “CORE” muscles the entire time.

~ High Calorie BURN – the last calculated was 720kcal/hr  –  The EPOC effect is greater after completing this POWER HOUR, speeding up your metabolism to burn more calories at rest.

BeeFIT MC workouts are performed to music using a wide variety of fitness equipment. Individual as well as Partner Trainings are delivered. (Cardio Kick Boxing – Bosu – TBS – Barre – Weights – Medicine Balls – STEP -Battling Ropes – PIYO and more . . . you just never know what’s coming!

(Ages 16-65 – Not recommended for some)

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BeeFIT's 2015 "FIT" Challenge WINNER!!

I am super diligent to my weekly BeeFIT workouts, and cleaned up my diet after listening to my Beefit trainer over and over.  Now, at age 44, this mother of three, looks and feels her best ever!  I've continued to be committed to my BeeFIT workouts and have really enjoyed my winnings;  FREE YEAR of BeeFIT WORKOUTS!    ♥The 2016 "FIT" Challenge coming up this May . . .                                                                                 . . . "It's a WIN, WIN, anyway you look at it!"

 I LOST 26.60lbs, LOST 10.8% BODY FAT, and GAINED 4.4% MUSCLE MASS:)

Cindy Lumkin:) ~ King William County