HIIT-TABATA CARDIO sets, as well as strength challenging sets! It’s a FULL BODY Workout while engaging your “CORE” muscles the entire time.

Resistance & Weight training.

Muscle Confusion is a mix of Interval training segments (HIIT-TABATA-Circuits). We use a variety of functional movements combined into a very well-planned program of fun, challenging and intense workouts to achieve remarkable gains in fitness. Every class we deliver a different W.O.D., therefore eliminating any “plateau effect” that can take place by performing the same workouts. During these training sessions, you may perform strength challenging sets (mental & physical), using a variety of exercise equipment as well as a partner. It’s a FULL BODY Workout while engaging your “CORE” muscles the entire time.

~ High Calorie BURN – the last calculated was 720kcal/hr  –  The EPOC effect is greater after completing this POWER HOUR, speeding up your metabolism to burn more calories at rest.

BeeFIT MC workouts are performed to music using a wide variety of fitness equipment. Individual as well as Partner Trainings are delivered. (Cardio Kick Boxing – Bosu – TBS – Barre – Weights – Medicine Balls – STEP -Battling Ropes – PIYO and more . . . you just never know what’s coming!

(Ages 16-65 – Not recommended for some)

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BeeFit has changed so many aspects of my life.  Since starting 3 years ago, I am a not only stronger physically, but mentally as well.  BeeFit is a wonderful, supportive community of women that provides accountability to each one of my workouts.  I could not do it without this type of program!”                                                                         
Ayron P. ~ King William County