WILD WEDNESDAY WORKOUT Business Group Training Be the hero in your office and get your Group X on!

1:00 pm

Every Wednesday from

June 5, 2019


November 30, 2022

PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS and great for Intermediate Levels.


This 45-minute Workout delivers all you need to get you going again.  You will engage in TABATA-HIIT Cardiovascular sets, that include but not limited to, independent weight bearing exercises, as well as equipment based segments.  Everything our certified trainers introduce to you will be age-level appropriate and well taught and demonstrated.  Teaching proper form is our top priority!      

~ If you can make a mid-day workout, this one is a “sure thing”!”  It’s not only PERFECT for those wishing to learn how to exercise properly, but this workout is an awesome mid-day “Pick-me-Up”! 

This customized workout is scheduled upon appointment. WE WILL COME TO YOUR OFFICE. Customized training delivers Convenience, Fitness equipment, Certified trainers, FUN FITNESS!  * $1 per mile from Route 30 & 360 (King William County). Call now for Small Group rates! 

Weight lifting 101 PLUS a mix of FUN Cardio sets, all while using our FUN & FIT Equipment to challenge your every move.  How about some Cardio Kick Boxing:)

Calculated Calorie BURN of 540kcal:)

While the idea of strength training can be complex, these basics will point you in the right direction so you feel comfortable adding additional fitness programs to your weekly regimen. Our certified trainers constantly provide individualized assistance, where you are guaranteed to learn and properly perform effective exercises while achieving awesome results.  Modifications are featured throughout in order to accommodate any/all physical limitations necessary for each individual.

Thanks to BeeFit I'm no longer a "string bean". I've never struggled with weight, therefore never really lifted weights. I've been working out with BeeFIT Services for 2-yrs, and NOW I HAVE CURVES:)  If you're looking for a healthy way to lose weight, tone-up, and gain muscle, this is it! 

Andrea F. ~ New Kent County