Muscle Confusion HIIT/TABATA NK

6:00 pm

Every Tuesday from

January 1, 2019


December 31, 2019

(Ages 16-60 – Not recommended for some with physical limitations)

Muscle Confusion helps eliminate the “plateau effect” by always utilizing different muscles by providing a variety of exercises. Each Muscle Confusion training session focuses on the Workout of the Day (WOD). NEVER THE SAME WORKOUT!! Each session is scaled and modified to each individual’s level and performed at the highest intensity that each can sustain while maintaining good form and proper technique. During these training sessions, you may perform HIIT-TABATA CARDIO sets, as well as strength challenging sets (mental & physical), using a variety of exercise equipment as well as a partner. It’s a FULL BODY Workout while engaging your “CORE” muscles the entire time.

INTERVAL Cardio Sets to improve your EPOC and Post Workout Calorie BURN.  The last registered Kcal Burn was 741kcal.

  • Cardio Kick Boxing
  • Bosu / TBS / Bench
  • Battling Ropes
  • Weights – Bands – Resistance – Kettle Bell
  • Plyometrics / Calisthenics

More muscle means more calories burned at rest!

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This class is designed for all levels and those with limited physical limitations.  While the idea of strength training can be complex, these basics will point you in the right direction so you feel comfortable adding additional fitness programs to your weekly regimen. Our certified trainers constantly provide individualized assistance, where you are guaranteed to learn and properly perform effective exercises while achieving awesome results.  Modifications are featured throughout in order to accommodate any/all physical limitations necessary for each individual.

Classes available month-to-month or prepay by the season. WINTER months (Jan-Apr), SPRING May, SUMMER (June-Aug), FALL (Sept-Dec).  Our programs run all year long.  Multiple Class discounts available! Depending on which season it is, workout genre as well as workout location may change, yet will stay in same vicinity.

For those who travel, Punchcards are Available too!

I've been with Beefit Services almost 4yrs.I’m 51yrs, and my body has transformed into a stronger, healthier me. My trainer is a great motivator and always emphasizes proper form for safe training. As a BeeFIT participant, we attend Wellness symposiums schooling supplemental guidelines, healthier meal planning, and sampling “healthy” newly introduced foods. All of this coupled with 3-POWER hour workouts a week. My trainer has become a true friend . . . it’s a love-hate relationship: )   Thanks for all you've done for me!  
Jamie M. ~ King William County