Triple Threat TSUNAMI Bar (ADV)

8:45 am

Every Saturday from

January 6, 2018


April 27, 2019

Three dynamite formats packed into one intense class! If you are somebody that likes variety, then you will love the spontaneity of this class because it can change at any time! It will be a combination of strength, interval cardio and core – no workout is ever the sameMembers get the opportunity to PUMP some HEAVY IRON another day of the week! MORE MUSCLE MEANS MORE CALORIE BURN!

Our newest feat is our ADVANCE programs is Tsunami Bar training. This brand new barbell challenge represents a breakthrough in exercise science allowing your trainer to present strength and conditioning in an entirely different dynamic.

The Tsunami Bar® flexible composite bar behaves differently from a rigid steel Olympic barbell adding power, speed and agility to every lift, press, squat, and clean.  Coupled with your weight lifting cardio moves, we will also be pumping out An-aerobic CARIO HIIT sets to increase VO2 Max and EPOC effect post workout.

~  Heavier Weight lifting sets using reps 
~  Lighter Weight sets using forced power
~  Cardio sets utilizing TABABATA- HIIT- Pyramid (heart pumping plyometric sets)

Ages 16-60 –  Modifications may be encouraged and always provided by your trainer.  Each workout is YOUR workout and must be done at the fitness level that best suits your needs, goals, and personal well-being.

This class is designed for adv. levels and those with limited physical limitations. Modifications are featured throughout in order to accommodate any/all physical limitations necessary for each individual.

Classes available month-to-month or prepay by the season. WINTER months (Jan-Apr), SPRING May, SUMMER (June-Aug), FALL (Sept-Dec).  Our programs run all year long. Multiple Class discounts available! Depending on which season it is, workout genre as well as workout location may change, yet will stay in same vicinity.

For those who travel, Punchcards are Available too!

At age 42, working full time, a wife and a mom, I had never enjoyed exercising. After test results reported borderline cholesterol, I decided to try a Beefit workout; this was 3-years ago! Started with 1-weekly class, now a Beefit Member working out 3-times a week. I absolutely love the way my workouts make me feel, and the camaraderie with all the other women in class makes each of us accountable and every 1-hr workout fun. We get our own personal trainer who is super dedicated to helping us achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is a huge part of what keeps me coming back. Our trainer encourages us to challenge ourselves in every workout and I love her for it! I will NEVER look back!
Diane P. ~ King & Queen County