Monica Howell

Challenges are what make life interesting ... ...Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

AFPA Certified Personal Trainer AFPA Certified Nutrition Wellness Coach
Group Fitness, Functional Fitness, Weight Training, Weight Loss/Management, Body Composition Testing, Nutrition & Wellness
Favorite Activities / Sports
Training with my clients, Cycling, Boating, Walking my dogs, Chilling with friends

Our Specialty is . . .“We bring the Workout & Motivation TO YOU!”  Every class should be FUN and always includes laughter!  Every workout provides wide variety / All body movements and is designed to accommodate the needs for everyone participating. Our trainers also make you accountable for making it to your workouts. We CARE and want you there!!

BOOST your Energy Level, Help BURN FATTONE Muscles, Enhance your Mood. As a working mother myself, I understand the lack of time we have to cater to ourselves. I promise that if you give this a try, you WILL look and feel the difference soon after.

I've been with Beefit Services almost 4yrs.I’m 51yrs, and my body has transformed into a stronger, healthier me. My trainer is a great motivator and always emphasizes proper form for safe training. As a BeeFIT participant, we attend Wellness symposiums schooling supplemental guidelines, healthier meal planning, and sampling “healthy” newly introduced foods. All of this coupled with 3-POWER hour workouts a week. My trainer has become a true friend . . . it’s a love-hate relationship: )   Thanks for all you've done for me!  
Jamie M. ~ King William County